Some time ago, life handed me an opportunity to handwrite a letter so that I could add a personal touch to my correspondence. After completing a rough draft, I looked at my work and objectively concluded that my cursive penmanship was akin to that of a fourth grader’s. In fact, as an adult, I very well could have flunked a grammar school course on handwriting.

Quite embarrassing. So much so that I decided I needed to improve my penmanship. So I created this website to motivate me to keep up with improving my handwriting. I’m not going for immediate results, and that is why I am dedicating just 15 minutes a day to improving my handwriting. Every day I will handwrite a short excerpt from a book in the public domain and I will upload my day’s completed work to the Daily Writing Prompt section. Here you can write with me each day, or you can just laugh at my folly.


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