Daily Writing Prompt (05/06/2017): The Time Machine (207 Words)

Today’s writing prompt comes from H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine. My completed excerpt was written with a Pilot G-2 Pro Pen with a blue ink refill (0.7mm). The prompt is a total of 207 words.

‘After all, the sanitation and the agriculture of to-day are still
in the rudimentary stage. The science of our time has attacked but
a little department of the field of human disease, but even so,
it spreads its operations very steadily and persistently. Our
agriculture and horticulture destroy a weed just here and there and
cultivate perhaps a score or so of wholesome plants, leaving the
greater number to fight out a balance as they can. We improve our
favourite plants and animals–and how few they are–gradually by
selective breeding; now a new and better peach, now a seedless
grape, now a sweeter and larger flower, now a more convenient breed
of cattle. We improve them gradually, because our ideals are vague
and tentative, and our knowledge is very limited; because Nature,
too, is shy and slow in our clumsy hands. Some day all this will
be better organized, and still better. That is the drift of the
current in spite of the eddies. The whole world will be intelligent,
educated, and co-operating; things will move faster and faster
towards the subjugation of Nature. In the end, wisely and carefully
we shall readjust the balance of animal and vegetable life to suit
our human needs.

Pilot G-2 Pro
The Time Machine by HG Wells, written with a Pilot G-2 Pro
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