Daily Writing Prompt (05/05/2017): Oliver Twist (216 Words)

Today’s writing prompt comes from Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist. My completed excerpt was written with a Pilot G-2 Pro Pen with a blue ink refill (0.7mm). The prompt is a total of 216 words.

‘Well,’ said the robber, grasping Oliver’s wrist, and putting the
barrel so close to his temple that they touched; at which moment the
boy could not repress a start; ‘if you speak a word when you’re out
o’doors with me, except when I speak to you, that loading will be in
your head without notice.  So, if you _do_ make up your mind to speak
without leave, say your prayers first.’

Having bestowed a scowl upon the object of this warning, to increase
its effect, Mr. Sikes continued.

‘As near as I know, there isn’t anybody as would be asking very
partickler arter you, if you _was_ disposed of; so I needn’t take this
devil-and-all of trouble to explain matters to you, if it warn’t for
your own good.  D’ye hear me?’

‘The short and the long of what you mean,’ said Nancy:  speaking very
emphatically, and slightly frowning at Oliver as if to bespeak his
serious attention to her words:  ‘is, that if you’re crossed by him in
this job you have on hand, you’ll prevent his ever telling tales
afterwards, by shooting him through the head, and will take your chance
of swinging for it, as you do for a great many other things in the way
of business, every month of your life.’

Pilot G-2 Pro
Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, written with a Pilot G-2 Pro
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