Daily Writing Prompt (04/26/2017): The Black Cat

Today’s writing prompt comes from Edgar Allen Poe’s The Black Cat. My completed excerpt was written with a Pilot G-2 Pro Pen with a blue ink refill (0.7mm). The prompt is a total of 199 words.

One night as I sat, half stupified, in a den of more than infamy, my
attention was suddenly drawn to some black object, reposing upon
the head of one of the immense hogsheads of Gin, or of Rum, which
constituted the chief furniture of the apartment. I had been looking
steadily at the top of this hogshead for some minutes, and what now
caused me surprise was the fact that I had not sooner perceived the
object thereupon. I approached it, and touched it with my hand. It was
a black cat–a very large one–fully as large as Pluto, and closely
resembling him in every respect but one. Pluto had not a white hair upon
any portion of his body; but this cat had a large, although indefinite
splotch of white, covering nearly the whole region of the breast. Upon
my touching him, he immediately arose, purred loudly, rubbed against my
hand, and appeared delighted with my notice. This, then, was the very
creature of which I was in search. I at once offered to purchase it
of the landlord; but this person made no claim to it–knew nothing of
it–had never seen it before.

Pilot G-2 Pro
The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe, written with a Pilot G-2 Pro
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