Daily Writing Prompt (03/31/2017): The War of the World (219 Words)

Today’s writing prompt comes from H.G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds. I wrote my completed excerpt with a Parker IM Rollerball using a Parker Quink black refill (M). The prompt is a total of 219 words.

Probably the worst ever.

After the glimpse I had had of the Martians emerging from the
cylinder in which they had come to the earth from their planet, a kind
of fascination paralysed my actions.  I remained standing knee-deep in
the heather, staring at the mound that hid them.  I was a battleground
of fear and curiosity.

I did not dare to go back towards the pit, but I felt a passionate
longing to peer into it.  I began walking, therefore, in a big curve,
seeking some point of vantage and continually looking at the sand
heaps that hid these new-comers to our earth.  Once a leash of thin
black whips, like the arms of an octopus, flashed across the sunset
and was immediately withdrawn, and afterwards a thin rod rose up,
joint by joint, bearing at its apex a circular disk that spun with a
wobbling motion.  What could be going on there?

Most of the spectators had gathered in one or two groups–one a
little crowd towards Woking, the other a knot of people in the
direction of Chobham.  Evidently they shared my mental conflict.
There were few near me.  One man I approached–he was, I perceived,
a neighbour of mine, though I did not know his name–and accosted.
But it was scarcely a time for articulate conversation.

Parker IM Rollerball
The War of the World by H.G. Wells, written with a Parker IM Rollerball
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