Daily Writing Prompt (03/28/2017): Peter Pan (227 Words)

Today’s writing prompt comes from J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. My completed excerpt was written with a Pilot G-2 Pro Pen with a blue ink refill (0.7mm). The prompt is a total of 227 words.

I was in a rush and I felt cramped as I wrote the prompt today, so quality has diminished for this one day.

On the trail of the pirates, stealing noiselessly down the war-path,
which is not visible to inexperienced eyes, come the redskins, every one
of them with his eyes peeled. They carry tomahawks and knives, and their
naked bodies gleam with paint and oil. Strung around them are scalps, of
boys as well as of pirates, for these are the Piccaninny tribe, and not
to be confused with the softer-hearted Delawares or the Hurons. In
the van, on all fours, is Great Big Little Panther, a brave of so many
scalps that in his present position they somewhat impede his progress.
Bringing up the rear, the place of greatest danger, comes Tiger Lily,
proudly erect, a princess in her own right. She is the most beautiful
of dusky Dianas [Diana = goddess of the woods] and the belle of the
Piccaninnies, coquettish [flirting], cold and amorous [loving] by turns;
there is not a brave who would not have the wayward thing to wife, but
she staves off the altar with a hatchet. Observe how they pass over
fallen twigs without making the slightest noise. The only sound to be
heard is their somewhat heavy breathing. The fact is that they are all a
little fat just now after the heavy gorging, but in time they will work
this off. For the moment, however, it constitutes their chief danger.

Pilot G-2 Pro Gel Pen Blue Ink Medium
Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, written with a Pilot G-2 Pro gel pen using a medium blue refill
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