Daily Writing Prompt (03/22/2017): Treasure Island (213 Words)

Today’s writing prompt comes from Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. I wrote my completed excerpt with a Waterman Hemisphere fine nib fountain pen using Waterman Serenity Blue ink. The prompt is a total of 213 words.

The next thing I laid hold of was a brace of pistols, and as I already
had a powder-horn and bullets, I felt myself well supplied with arms.

As for the scheme I had in my head, it was not a bad one in itself. I
was to go down the sandy spit that divides the anchorage on the east
from the open sea, find the white rock I had observed last evening, and
ascertain whether it was there or not that Ben Gunn had hidden his boat,
a thing quite worth doing, as I still believe. But as I was certain I
should not be allowed to leave the enclosure, my only plan was to take
French leave and slip out when nobody was watching, and that was so bad
a way of doing it as made the thing itself wrong. But I was only a boy,
and I had made my mind up.

Well, as things at last fell out, I found an admirable opportunity. The
squire and Gray were busy helping the captain with his bandages, the
coast was clear, I made a bolt for it over the stockade and into the
thickest of the trees, and before my absence was observed I was out of
cry of my companions.

Waterman Hemisphere using Waterman Serenity Blue Ink
Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, written with a Waterman Hemisphere using Waterman Serenity Blue Ink
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