Daily Writing Prompt (02/27/2017): Great Expectations (209 Words)

Today’s writing prompt comes from Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations. I wrote my completed excerpt with a Parker IM Rollerball using a Parker Quink black refill (M). The prompt is a total of 209 words.

I made an even more conscious effort to stay on the (invisible) baseline and I believe my efforts have paid off. The first couple of lines contain some shaky letters, but then I started to gather myself. I have found that I am taking my time more. In previous days I would go through the letters quickly, but now I am slowing down. Excerpt and my written work below.

Mrs. Coiler then changed the subject and began to flatter me. I liked
it for a few moments, but she flattered me so very grossly that the
pleasure was soon over. She had a serpentine way of coming close at
me when she pretended to be vitally interested in the friends and
localities I had left, which was altogether snaky and fork-tongued; and
when she made an occasional bounce upon Startop (who said very little to
her), or upon Drummle (who said less), I rather envied them for being on
the opposite side of the table.

After dinner the children were introduced, and Mrs. Coiler made admiring
comments on their eyes, noses, and legs,–a sagacious way of improving
their minds. There were four little girls, and two little boys, besides
the baby who might have been either, and the baby’s next successor who
was as yet neither. They were brought in by Flopson and Millers, much as
though those two non-commissioned officers had been recruiting somewhere
for children and had enlisted these, while Mrs. Pocket looked at the
young Nobles that ought to have been as if she rather thought she had
had the pleasure of inspecting them before, but didn’t quite know what
to make of them.

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