Daily Writing Prompt (02/26/2017): The Time Machine (195 Words)

Today’s writing prompt comes from H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine. I wrote my completed excerpt with a Platinum Preppy fine nib fountain pen using Platinum Carbon Black ink. The prompt is a total of 195 words.

Today, I concentrated more on staying on the baseline with my words (I write with a light pad and a guide sheet behind my paper). Not the best, but it slowly got better the more into the excerpt I wrote. The fine nib fountain pen has helped my letters from dropping too far below the baseline and interfering with the next line.


Between the tables was scattered a great number of cushions.
Upon these my conductors seated themselves, signing for me to do
likewise. With a pretty absence of ceremony they began to eat the
fruit with their hands, flinging peel and stalks, and so forth, into
the round openings in the sides of the tables. I was not loath to
follow their example, for I felt thirsty and hungry. As I did so I
surveyed the hall at my leisure.

And perhaps the thing that struck me most was its dilapidated look.
The stained-glass windows, which displayed only a geometrical
pattern, were broken in many places, and the curtains that hung
across the lower end were thick with dust. And it caught my eye that
the corner of the marble table near me was fractured. Nevertheless,
the general effect was extremely rich and picturesque. There were,
perhaps, a couple of hundred people dining in the hall, and most of
them, seated as near to me as they could come, were watching me with
interest, their little eyes shining over the fruit they were eating.
All were clad in the same soft and yet strong, silky material.

Platinum Preppy Fine Nib using Platinum Carbon Black
The Time Machine by H.G. Wells written with a Platinum Pretty fine nib fountain pen using Platinum Carbon Black ink
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