Daily Writing Prompt (02/22/2017): The Picture of Dorian Gray (212 Words)

Today’s writing prompt comes from Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. My completed excerpt was written with a Parker Sonnet Gold Nib (Fine) with Diamine Royal Blue ink. The prompt is a total of 212 words. As you can see from my uploaded page, I found myself having trouble with the letter that drop below the baseline (g, y, etc.) interfering with the next line’s letters. I’ll have to work on that.


When his servant entered, he looked at him steadfastly and wondered if
he had thought of peering behind the screen.  The man was quite
impassive and waited for his orders.  Dorian lit a cigarette and walked
over to the glass and glanced into it.  He could see the reflection of
Victor’s face perfectly.  It was like a placid mask of servility.
There was nothing to be afraid of, there.  Yet he thought it best to be
on his guard.

Speaking very slowly, he told him to tell the house-keeper that he
wanted to see her, and then to go to the frame-maker and ask him to
send two of his men round at once.  It seemed to him that as the man
left the room his eyes wandered in the direction of the screen.  Or was
that merely his own fancy?

After a few moments, in her black silk dress, with old-fashioned thread
mittens on her wrinkled hands, Mrs. Leaf bustled into the library.  He
asked her for the key of the schoolroom.

“The old schoolroom, Mr. Dorian?” she exclaimed.  “Why, it is full of
dust.  I must get it arranged and put straight before you go into it.
It is not fit for you to see, sir.  It is not, indeed.”

Parker Sonnet Gold Nib with Diamine Royal Blue
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
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